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5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Roof Color

Your roof is like the fancy crown on your home. However, figuring out the best roof color can be tricky. No worries! With these tips, you'll easily pick a color that will make your neighbors jealous (in a good way, of course).

1. Consider the bricks and rocks

Your house has reliable bricks and stones. Pick a roof color that goes well with their shades. 

You can choose earthy browns if you have red brick, choose cool grays for beige stone, and add playful greens for a bit of fun. Remember, they are all on the same team, not competing against each other!

2. Match your roof's tune with the siding

When designing your home, it's crucial to ensure that the colors of the siding and roof complement each other. 

Typically, the siding and window trim are painted to match, enhancing the house's general appearance. Hence, picking a roof color that goes well with the siding is critical to achieving a unique and attractive look.

3. Consider energy savings

Go for the green choice! Choose lighter-colored roofs that bounce off heat, making your home cooler and saving on energy bills. This cuts costs and earns you some good karma points with Mother Nature.

4. Draw inspiration from your neighborhood and home’s natural environment

Go for a leisurely walk around your neighborhood and take in the various roof colors and natural environment to see what catches your eye. And ask yourself questions like:

  • Do you live on a greenbelt?

  • What are the predominant roof colors in the area?

  • Is there a pond in your yard? 

  • Does your property have several large evergreens or towering oak trees bordering it? 

  • Do you live near a lake

  • What color combinations are you most attracted to? 

Drawing inspiration from your surroundings can spark creative ideas for your home; adding a touch of originality will set your home apart.

5. Let the sunshine guide your choice

Don't base your decision solely on the showroom appearance of roof colors. Take those shingles outside and let the sun play stylist. 

Observe how the sunlight transforms the tones and how shadows come into play. You might uncover a hidden gem that adds a unique touch you hadn't considered before!

Why should you care about your roof’s color?

Considering your roof’s color is essential as it is a significant chunk of your home’s experience. This means that it has a massive influence on the structure.

So, choose a color that best complements your property’s overall aesthetic, and sometime in the future, you might get a great offer from impressed homebuyers if you ever put it up for the same. 

Your Lehigh Valley roofing partner can find you the perfect roof color 

Selecting the perfect roof color can be a difficult decision. Clarke Roofing & Siding is ready to guide you through the process, shielding you from color mishaps.  We can also help you complete your roofing project. 

Your Roof Deserves the Clarke Badge Of Excellence. Call us today for a free estimate.


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