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Storm Damage Assistance

Not sure who to hire for your insurance claim roof replacement? At Clarke you can trust that we are NOT storm chasers. We stand behind our roofs for years to come. Always be weary of out of town companies looking to replace your roof, these companies are hard to contact after the storm and if you have a problem down the line they may not stand behind their work.

Why Choose Clarke for your claim?

New Roof Through Insurance

Looking for assistance to file a roof damage insurance claim? You can rely on the industry experience and expertise of the team at Clarke Roofing and Siding. Filing a roof insurance claim for repair or replacement of a damaged roof isn't something that building managers and homeowners do everyday. The process involves religious follow-ups with the insurance company and adjusters, to ensure a comprehensive reimbursement that honors all elements in the roof damage insurance claim. If you are unsure of how to file a claim or the documents required- seek the assistance of the team at Clarke Roofing and Siding LLC. 

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Our team takes a set of the "before" photos of your roof and property to document the state of affairs, thereby easing the claim filing process and ensuring that you get satisfactory settlement. In addition, our team of experts also documents all damages and estimates that cost of repair or reconstruction, as required.

Paperwork Processing

Clarke Roofing helps clients navigate the roof insurance claim process with comprehensive paperwork processing assistance. The experience and knowledge of our team members regarding the claim submission and settlement process ensures smooth processing of your file and fast approval.

Repair and


In addition to helping you with an insurance claim approval, we also take care of the much-needed roof repair and construction work. We have a consistent trail of completing all types of projects well within the allocated budget and time-frame, with no deviations whatsoever.

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