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5 Ways Summer Can Affect Your Roof

Summer is a wonderful season filled with barbecues, pool parties, and plenty of sunshine. However, while enjoying the warm weather, your roof might be struggling. Those long, hot days can be really tough on your roof. 

Don’t worry; we’ll tell you how summer can affect your roof and what you can do to protect it:

Just like your skin can get sunburned, your roof can suffer from the sun's intense rays. UV rays break down the asphalt and oils in shingles, making them brittle and easy to crack. 

These cracks can lead to leaks, which can cause further damage to the roof deck underneath. Over time, this damage can become more severe, leading to costly repairs or even needing a full roof replacement.

High humidity can cause many problems for your roof, as moisture can get trapped under shingles, leading to mold growth, rot, and structural damage. It can even attract insects like termites, which can cause further destruction. 

To prevent moisture from building up, it's important to have good ventilation in your attic. This helps keep your roof dry and in good condition. Also, check for signs of moisture, such as damp spots or mold, to catch problems early.

During summer, temperatures can change a lot from day to night. This causes your roof to expand in the heat and contract when it cools down. This constant movement can weaken the seams and loosen the flashing, leading to leaks. 

Metal roofs are especially prone to this problem because they expand and contract more than other materials. To protect your roof, it’s important to keep an eye on it and fix any issues as soon as they appear.

During the summer’s full bloom, overhanging branches can cause problems for your roof by trapping leaves and debris. This can create a moist environment that encourages mold growth and blocks proper ventilation. 

Regularly trimming these branches helps to keep your roof clean and allows for better airflow and sunlight exposure. This simple maintenance task can go a long way in preventing moisture problems and keeping your roof in good condition. 

Moss growing on your roof can be a big problem. It acts like a sponge, trapping moisture and causing your shingles to break down faster. 

If you see moss on your roof, it's important to remove it immediately. Use a safe cleaning solution to get rid of the moss and prevent it from coming back. Also, regularly check your roof for moss and clean it as needed to keep it in good shape.

Schedule a summer roof inspection and maintenance today

Just like you get your car checked before a big trip, you should schedule a roof inspection before the summer heat hits its peak. We’ll look for any potential issues and recommend ways to prevent problems. 

This checkup can help catch small problems before they become big, expensive repairs. Call us today for a roof inspection, expert advice, and maintenance services to keep your roof in good shape all year!

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