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How Snow and Ice Can Affect Your Roof and How to Prevent Damage

When it snows this winter in Eastern PA and Northern New Jersey, you shouldn't only be concerned about clearing your snow-covered driveway to prevent accidents. You should worry about the snow on your roof, too. In this article, we tell you how snow and ice can affect your roof and how to prevent damage.

How snow and ice can affect your roof

  • Snow overload

Snow exerts a downward force on your roof, which increases as the snow accumulates. Eventually, the weight becomes more than the roof can take.

Rainwater also forms ice in freezing temperatures, adding to the overload. Under the intense weight of snow and ice, your roof may begin to leak or even collapse.

  • Ice dams

Ice dams form when melting snow on the roof refreezes around the edge of the roof. This prevents proper drainage and causes water backup, forcing water to seep under shingles and causing leaks.

Unable to drain, the water freezes, with the weight ripping off gutters and damaging the gutter system.

  • Cracks

The constant freezing and thawing of ice and snow can lead to the expansion and contraction of roofing materials, causing cracks.

When water gets into these cracks and freezes, the cracks widen, increasing the damage and making your roof more susceptible to leaks.

How to prevent damage from snow and ice

  • Inspect your roof regularly

Enlist the help of a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof regularly, especially before the first snowfall. They will identify potential issues and let you know the next step, which is:

  • Repair or replace

Depending on the extent of the damage and other factors, you will need to repair or replace your roof. What you shouldn't do is repair your roof when what it needs is a replacement.

A roofing expert will guide you in the right direction, ensuring you get a roof that can withstand the harsh winter weather.

  • Ensure proper insulation

Your home's temperature may be the culprit if ice dams form regularly. So, have a roofer check your attic's insulation and upgrade it if necessary. You can also install heat cables along your roof's eaves.

  • Clear the roof and gutter system

Clean the roof, gutter, and downspout before winter, removing tree branches, leaves, and other debris. This will ensure that rainwater and melting snow do not collect or accumulate on the roof, preventing damage.

Fortify your roof against the worst of the winter season

When it comes to roof damage from snow and ice, prevention is key. Don't wait until the thick of winter when damage is already done before scheduling an inspection.

We serve the whole of Eastern Pennsylvania or Northern New Jersey and will be glad to fortify your roof against whatever winter brings. Call for a free estimate today.


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