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Should I replace my roof?

The question I should replace? A great question for anyone that owns a home or is looking to buy a home! The first defense is always your roof against any storm you should always make sure it is in proper working order. Not all roof installations are installed the same you should always trust your home with a local pro who has great reviews online. An online presence is a must! If a business don't not have online presence they probably aren't running a legitimate business. You should replace your roof if you are having leaks, if you are past your warranty time frame, if a storm has damaged your roof, if shingles are curling up, if the asphalt granules are worn. Replacing your roof is on of the most important home projects any homeowner can do. Do not wait until you have a leak you could be putting yourself at more of a risk for more damage and more costs to repair. Call Clarke Roofing and Siding at 610-844-4822 or visit our main page to learn more

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