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What to Do if Your Roof Has Storm Damage

When a storm hits, the damage to your roof can range from loose shingles to granule loss. Tree limbs of varying sizes can also fall on the roof, leaving large dents or causing structural issues. 

If you suspect your roof has storm damage, taking the right steps is crucial for your home's safety and dealing with insurance claims successfully. 

What to do if your roof has storm damage

The first thing to do is contact your insurance company. Give them information about the situation and provide any immediate evidence you have, such as a picture of a fallen tree. 

The insurance company will either send out an adjuster to inspect the damage thoroughly or instruct you to contact a local roofing company. 

The insurance company sends an adjuster 

The insurance company may send an adjuster to inspect the damage thoroughly and determine the extent of the insurance coverage. Ensure you are present during the inspection and raise any concerns you may have. After the adjuster assesses the damage, they will approve or deny your claims.

If you get a claims approval, it's time to look for a local roofing company. You don't have to search if you are in areas in Eastern Pennslyvania or Northern New Jersey. Clarke Roofing & Siding has experience fixing storm roof damage and working with insurers. So you can be sure to get the right guidance throughout the entire process. If the adjuster says there are no signs of storm damage and denies your claim, we will let you know what to do below. 

The insurance company asks you to contact a roofing contractor

The insurance company may ask you to contact a local roofing contractor for a professional damage assessment. 

In this case, the contractor will check for storm damage and provide picture evidence. After you submit the pictures, the insurance company will send an adjuster for a detailed inspection. 

Things you should know about the insurance claim process

The insurance claim process can sometimes be long and confusing. Here are important things to know to navigate it successfully. 

Be wary of storm chasers

After a storm, you may get a knock on your door from people claiming they can inspect your roof and help you get your claim approved. They will act friendly and try to get you to sign an agreement that commits you to work with them before the claim is approved. 

The problem is that they may know little about storm damage repair or work for an out-of-state company and won't be around to fix your roof if a leak occurs. Be careful of such contractors. 

Only an insurance adjuster can approve claims 

Never trust a roofing company that guarantees that your claim will be approved. Even if they find evidence of storm damage, the best they can do is provide picture evidence to the adjusters, who will then approve or deny your claim. That's why it's crucial to work with a reputable local roofing contractor. 

Insurance adjusters also make mistakes

An adjuster may deny your claim because they didn't find evidence of storm damage. However, this may be an honest mistake. After all, they are humans. 

You can ask your insurer to send another adjuster. Also, a contractor or engineer can inspect your roof and provide the insurer with proof of storm damage that needs fixing. 

You can choose your own roofing contractor

Your insurance provider may suggest roofing companies, but you have the right to choose the contractor of your choice. 

When searching, focus on hiring a roofer with the right reputation and expertise. Also, choose a contractor with experience in handling insurance claims to ensure the process goes smoothly. 

Do you have roof storm damage? Work with the pro local roofers today

Since 1968, Clarke Roofing & Siding has been working with homeowners to repair their storm-damaged roofs. We can do the same for you, too. 

We'll also provide support throughout the insurance claim process, ensuring your insurer covers the repairs your roof needs - without hassles. If you are in Eastern Pennslyvania or Northern New Jersey, call us for a FREE estimate.


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